Saturday, November 28, 2009

I really cant understand girls.

Its a good day with a very good sign. But I would like to wish, Selamat Hari Raya Korban first. Harap semua makan kenyang- kenyang.

Well, today, I ate a lot of delicious food. Satay, mee kari, mee soto, nasi tomato and so on. Its kind of a good day to kumpul lemak banyak-banyak isn't? Hehe.

At night just now, Miss F and I have a chat. Really good one. As what I know, she is good at kitchen. I love that type of girl. And I guess all guys love that type of girl. Bla-bla then a point, I told her that I like her. She just reply with " Uh, enough la." So I guess she didn't like me say so. And maybe she got no feeling on me. But she is really sporting because after that we just continue just like nothing happened. Well, that is what I like about her. No time to feel awkward.

And then about my lovely Miss C. No doubt that I love Miss C more than Miss F. Just, it's Miss F not really bad and I can't aim a beautiful girl like Miss C to be my special someone. And sometime, I think that Miss F is a perfect match to me. But.. I don't know..

About Miss C, today she is more friendly. Easier to get into with her. As usual, we had a chat. And some conversation through Facebook comments. Well, normally she didn't comment on my status or link or what ever on my profile.

But yesterday, she told me that she might be gt chance to return to her ex. And I feel really sad.... I hope she just joking around...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Im not a player. But she is.

Its 5.00pm.


What a sleepy day.

And I got something to tell you all. Something that really... sick...

I heard that my Miss C just have a new crush. Well, I'm okay with that. But the sakit hati part is Miss C agreed to have a date with him with the excuse of "Kami nak berkenalan. Tak salah kan? Hehe"

Okay it starts with a Skype conversation.

Me : Hello, busy?
Miss C : Hi. Not at all. Why?
Me : Nothing. Just wondering what you are doing right now.
Miss C : :P Actually, I'm just home.
Me : From?
Miss C : From a date. Hehe.

Okay that kind shock me. And I reallyyyyy downnn...

She went out for a date; 10am - 4.30pm. Yup day time because she got program this night. Family program or something like that.

And I'm kind of really sad and disappointed with her. I don't know if she is just joking with me. But I asked her so many time if she just joking at all. And I got "no".

This girl.. I don't know. Some of my girl-friends told me that Miss C is a shy girl. But also kind of naughty with boys. So, is she kind of playgirl? Have a date with anyone that kind of rich? Got cars or what ever?

Ada kemungkinan?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Am I a playboy?

Today... I don't know. Kind of demam yang agak meloyakan.

For all of you that was wondering, "Which girl you really like?; Miss F or Miss C?"

This is it;
Miss C -> Miss F -> Miss A

Which means the priority of everything is on Miss C because I really like her. And who is Miss A?

Let me tell you.


Yesterday I'm really disappointed with Miss C. She ignored me just now. Fact; It hurts a lot for most of the guys if the girl that he likes ignore him. And for me, it really does.

Well, it starts with;

Buzz her through YM.


Text her via mobile phone.

*Again, nothing*



And then suddenly she YM me and says that she is really busy. Busy with what? "Adalah". =.=

So, I just leave her just like that. I think, I should give up on her. Yeap, this could be the 1000th times I said so. But at the end, Miss C will be always in my mind trips.

I logged into Skype, and have a chat with Miss F. Miss F kind of a happygolucky girl. She makes me forgot about Miss C and my disappointment-ness. We had a not really good chat but, oh well enough to wire up my broken heart.

So now its is;
Miss F -> Miss C -> Miss A

And then.. I don't know... sedar-sedar je tengah chat dengan Miss A melalui YM. This week, Miss A really spends me so much with her time. And I don't know why. She is just like Miss F to me. A sporting and a cute little girl. She is really cute. Not chubby or fat, it just.. cute, feminine, cool . Yeap, thats her.

Miss A is kind of manja-manja comel. And she is the girl that hard to be touched by words. So I will just main lepas cakap with her since I realy love to do so. Hehehe.

We laughing. We gurau-gurau manja. We gossiping and everything. It just like she is really fit with me. A perfect one. But, we have been friends for 3 years. So, I don't know if its a good friend 'fit' feeling or love. But seriously, we really-really fit. It just.. I dont know about my feeling toward Miss F and Miss C.

But now;
Miss A -> Miss F -> Miss C.

Okay. Now, do I really look like a playboy?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Di sana Dan Di Sini

Today, just a boring day like I used to. Sleep at 7 in the morning and woke up at 2.

Last night, I didn't notice that I got a SMS from Miss C. I don't know why, but she starts to SMS me first. This is kind of rare moment after all. I don't know if she got-no-one-to-sms so she decided to have a chat with me. But, it kind makes me smile.

And at the mid night, I have a really nice conversation with Miss F. I told her that I like her. And Miss F said that I should focus on Miss C. Maybe Miss F got no feeling on me. Again when I told her that I like her, she just laughing. Just like Miss C..

Urg. Girls, I won't understand this species..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Old Trick

A friend of mine told me " If you want to check out either she likes you or not, just do this trick; text her for a week ( everyday) then stop for the next week. If she really likes you, she will miss your texts and starts to sms you. If she didn’t likes you. Sorry to say."

The result is, Miss C didn't sms me at all.

Then I started to text her. I told her that I really miss her. And then she just laughs with that. Not even say that “I miss you too”.

What the hell is that suppose to mean?

She gives me sooooooooo many hints that she likes me too. But.. I don’t know.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And here is she.

Yup I know some of you was wondering; where is Miss F?

Well, lets stop talking about Miss C for awhile.

Its about second semester when I started to gv up with miss C (Which is not give up after all hehe)

I met this girl. Let it be Miss F. She is in the next class of mine. She is really cute and sporting. REALLY sporting but not social. Kind of petite physically and bertudung of course. I love girl with tudung that not social, you know.

I not really sure but as I remembered, Miss F and Miss C were friends even they are not so closed to each other. Kind of "Oh Mr RomanticGuy, you want both of them? They can be madu-madu?"

Well, actually not. You know, Miss C is not really 'pay attention' on me. Everyday, I am the one who needs to start the conversation by sms/Ym. I am the one who needs to say 'Hi' first or else, we were not have a conversation. I don't know either its about her shy-ness or what ever. But, she with that way really makes me down. I'm really down with that.

So, when Miss F comes into me, my heart starts to beat really fast. But because of her sporting-ness, I forgot that I am a shy guy. When I act shy, she act cool. We just like a perfect match.


But I don't know. I dont know if I really like Miss F instead of Miss C. Miss C can easily makes my heart touches while Miss F easily makes me laughing.

I have some though and I guess, I like Miss C more. But, that doesn't mean I got jodoh with her isn't? I saw so many guys and girls do suicide bacause of girs. But, that really mean nothing.

"Cinta boleh di pupuk"

The Bubur Ayam.

Just now. In front of me, a really delicious bubur ayam. 1st time I make this. A really home-made-taste. Hehehe.

Then I text her. I told her that I would like to give her this bubur. Then I say that this might be not so tasty at all but, (it’s delicious for me) I guess she will like it. Then I told her that I will come to her house. And ask is she could come out and take it by hands.

Well, she said no. She still shy with me. She really does. Not her false because we never have a conversation except by texts.

That kind of disappointing me when she said no. It makes me really-really down.

But I tell her don't worry about that. Then I sms her roommate and told her roommate to come out later and take my bubur that I tapau for her (miss C). Her roommate is my friend. She and I is in same lecturer class. So we manage to know each other since everybody know that I like Miss C.

I gave the bubur ayam that I tapau for miss C to her roommate then I walked home. Kind of "okay lah. Hope she will have some tongue with the meal."

When I reached home, my phone ringing shows that there is a call. Nope. Its a sms. From her. From miss C.

She says...

"Thank you. Sedap sangat. :)"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Missing Her

I woke up kind of late as usual today. I take a look on my my brand new headphone. Got 1 sms and 2 misscalls.

Omg, I missed her calls? Nope. Not her. Its someone else. My friends. The guy. I guess that he wanted to ask me about his projects; either I can be his partner or not. Yes? No? I don't know.

After solat subuh, I'm out for breakfast. Having a nasi goreng + ayam goreng + telur. Kindda cholesterol-ly. Eat, eat, eat and eat. Then, my mind goes on her. Well, that normally trip I got. Always mind-trips about her lately.

I text her.

"Hi. Dah breakfast?"

Dia reply dan cakap "dah".

Simple je. Mungkin dia malas untuk reply panjang-panjang. Atau dia memang tak berminat.

Then I ask her again, "Nasi lemak?"
Sent. Then I wait for 10 minutes.

Noting from her.

Nevermind. Maybe she is kind of busy. Or... I don't know. So got lots of admires. She got large scope of boys. Maybe I'm just nothing to her.

After a couple of hour later, I got an sms from her. She said sorry for take a really awhile to reply my sms.

At the end, I find out that she is not well. Agak demam. So she just lie back in her bedroom. Tidur-tidur ayam or something like that. Also, she told me that even nasi lemak she dint make it to finish. So kind of missing her mother's bubur ayam.

And hey, I'm not so bad in the kitchen.

Then I cepat-cepat lari ke dapur. Unfroze all those thing in it. Ayam, sayur and something like that. Then I call my mother ask her to cook a very nice and delicious bubur ayam.

And now, I'm cooking it. Bye.

Ask her out

So, I asked her out last night.

She reply as what for. I told her that we could have a chat. Friends do chat isn't. Then she ask back, talk about what? Well, I can't answer that. I just told her that I also don't know. And she laughing at the end. At least I make her day isn't :p. I'm smiling while when text-ing her. I don't know why. But she is easily can make me happy.

I din't make out to ask her out again. She is kind of not so social. So i love her that way.

Maybe someday, if got jodoh and ditakdirkan untuk keluar by fate, we will have a date.


Monday, November 16, 2009

I told her that I love her.

I told her that I like her.

And she said nothing. She just lari dari tajuk and starts to talk about something else. Yeah... common girls do so. I heard lots of this. Soooo many girls try to talk about something else every time the guy wanna talk bout heart-to-heart. Suppose to be she is kind of shy-shy cat.

She kind of ignore me for 2 days. But thats all. Just 2 days.

But Im glad that she dint ignore my sms more after that. She just reply me anytime I text her. I dont know what is she looking for from me. Or, maybe I she just looking for friends?

My sifu ask me to try harder. He told me that he gonna give some tips about how to tackle a girl.

"Good luck to myself."

Friday, November 13, 2009

Next step

Now I got her phone number. My friends told me to just contact her. Sms will do as a starting point.

So, I text her that night. As simple as I could.

Me : Hi. How are you?
Miss C : Huh? Who is this?
Me : Ops. You din't answer me :p (I just follow what my sifu ask me to. He said be cool on text. First impression is damn so important)
Miss C : Yes. But you dint answer me too. Who are you?
Me : Hurm. I just someone who wants to be your friend.
Miss C : Okay... So, do we knw each other?

And that is how we start to knw each other. We become friends for the next 3 days.

And after that, I told her that... I like her.

and she...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1st step

That day, I cant remember it well. Just I know that someone just gave me her (Miss C) phone number.

Im really happy at first place. But I start to think later on;

"Am I on the right path?"

"Got her phone number. But from her friend?"

"Is that gentleman?"

It makes me feel awkward to speak to his friends. They keep asking me "Did u sms her already? How is it?"

Should I make my first step?

Should I sms her? Or just give a call?


Im doing nothing.

"You are nothing"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Get her phone number

Im sick of this. Tried to talk to her for several time. But it never works out.

"Ask for phone number"

Hurm. I dont think so i can manage to do so. Might act like a dumb in front of her. Kind of super duper nervous.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good Luck

Semalam, aku dapat tahu yang satu Uitm dah tahu yang aku ada hati kat dia. Kat Miss C. Aku tak tahu nak kata apa. Aku tak tahu samaada aku patut malu.

And everytime I walk along through the way, nice strangers come and say " Hey, good luck with her. Im at your back"

She, Mr C is really cute. And I dont know why the hell some people really wanted to see me to get into her. And I think that there might be some of people hate for that so. Im really sure that she got admires. And who am I to compete with them?

"You can Mr Romantic Guy. You can."

Monday, November 2, 2009

Its me.

I couldn't even blow my breath. Couldn't even speak everytime we met. I am just too shy, so do with her.

I dont know why but I cant really speak with her. With noting inside of me. Empty.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cinta pandang pertama

It starts when we met on our first semester.

This might be my first sight of love. Cinta pandang pertama. Its really fun. Its really... touching..

Im fall in love with her in my first sight. Let be, she is my Miss C. Which is stands for 'cute' and 'comel'.