Monday, November 23, 2009

Am I a playboy?

Today... I don't know. Kind of demam yang agak meloyakan.

For all of you that was wondering, "Which girl you really like?; Miss F or Miss C?"

This is it;
Miss C -> Miss F -> Miss A

Which means the priority of everything is on Miss C because I really like her. And who is Miss A?

Let me tell you.


Yesterday I'm really disappointed with Miss C. She ignored me just now. Fact; It hurts a lot for most of the guys if the girl that he likes ignore him. And for me, it really does.

Well, it starts with;

Buzz her through YM.


Text her via mobile phone.

*Again, nothing*



And then suddenly she YM me and says that she is really busy. Busy with what? "Adalah". =.=

So, I just leave her just like that. I think, I should give up on her. Yeap, this could be the 1000th times I said so. But at the end, Miss C will be always in my mind trips.

I logged into Skype, and have a chat with Miss F. Miss F kind of a happygolucky girl. She makes me forgot about Miss C and my disappointment-ness. We had a not really good chat but, oh well enough to wire up my broken heart.

So now its is;
Miss F -> Miss C -> Miss A

And then.. I don't know... sedar-sedar je tengah chat dengan Miss A melalui YM. This week, Miss A really spends me so much with her time. And I don't know why. She is just like Miss F to me. A sporting and a cute little girl. She is really cute. Not chubby or fat, it just.. cute, feminine, cool . Yeap, thats her.

Miss A is kind of manja-manja comel. And she is the girl that hard to be touched by words. So I will just main lepas cakap with her since I realy love to do so. Hehehe.

We laughing. We gurau-gurau manja. We gossiping and everything. It just like she is really fit with me. A perfect one. But, we have been friends for 3 years. So, I don't know if its a good friend 'fit' feeling or love. But seriously, we really-really fit. It just.. I dont know about my feeling toward Miss F and Miss C.

But now;
Miss A -> Miss F -> Miss C.

Okay. Now, do I really look like a playboy?


abnormalkah ? said...

ko btl2 dah wat aku happy ari ni .
kelakar .

erm ..
ak nak bg cdgn .
tp ak x leh pk kalo asyik gelak je.

cuba2 ko pejam mata sat ..
kosong kan minda .
sape eh yg kuar kat minda ko tuh ..
tingin nak tau ..

intannuratiqahmohamadyunus said...

afraid to say that you are becoming one of them..

miss labi said...

ape kata kau fokus sorang je dulu..
yang paling kau suka..
ngorat dia habis2an..
kalau dia x suka then kau fokus kat lain lak..
cara kau ni buat kau nampak macam x serius je, membuatkan orang rasa kau playboy..
macam mane orang tu nak terima 'ketekelan' kau..
kalau aku jadi salah sorang dari depa ni, sah2 aku susah nak terima kau..
aku cakap ikhlas..hehe

zahidahadi said...


maryam k. said...

kdg2, kawan ini lain macam dengan CRUSH.
sgt lain.

tapi bila kita dah ditakdirkan, segalanya mungkin


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