Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And here is she.

Yup I know some of you was wondering; where is Miss F?

Well, lets stop talking about Miss C for awhile.

Its about second semester when I started to gv up with miss C (Which is not give up after all hehe)

I met this girl. Let it be Miss F. She is in the next class of mine. She is really cute and sporting. REALLY sporting but not social. Kind of petite physically and bertudung of course. I love girl with tudung that not social, you know.

I not really sure but as I remembered, Miss F and Miss C were friends even they are not so closed to each other. Kind of "Oh Mr RomanticGuy, you want both of them? They can be madu-madu?"

Well, actually not. You know, Miss C is not really 'pay attention' on me. Everyday, I am the one who needs to start the conversation by sms/Ym. I am the one who needs to say 'Hi' first or else, we were not have a conversation. I don't know either its about her shy-ness or what ever. But, she with that way really makes me down. I'm really down with that.

So, when Miss F comes into me, my heart starts to beat really fast. But because of her sporting-ness, I forgot that I am a shy guy. When I act shy, she act cool. We just like a perfect match.


But I don't know. I dont know if I really like Miss F instead of Miss C. Miss C can easily makes my heart touches while Miss F easily makes me laughing.

I have some though and I guess, I like Miss C more. But, that doesn't mean I got jodoh with her isn't? I saw so many guys and girls do suicide bacause of girs. But, that really mean nothing.

"Cinta boleh di pupuk"


a Y u said...

wow,interisting story...
can't wait to know the next episode..hehehe..

abnormalkah ? said...

cinta boleh di pupuk .
aku setuju ngan ayat tuh

zahidahadi said...


green said...

try miss c..

p/s: i like ur blog like me

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