Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ask her out

So, I asked her out last night.

She reply as what for. I told her that we could have a chat. Friends do chat isn't. Then she ask back, talk about what? Well, I can't answer that. I just told her that I also don't know. And she laughing at the end. At least I make her day isn't :p. I'm smiling while when text-ing her. I don't know why. But she is easily can make me happy.

I din't make out to ask her out again. She is kind of not so social. So i love her that way.

Maybe someday, if got jodoh and ditakdirkan untuk keluar by fate, we will have a date.



lizz said...

InsyaAllah, if she is your jodoh then...it will be jalan Tuhan akan permudahkan semuanya dan gerakkan atinya :)

lotikus disarimankan said...

gurl kebanyakkan memang cam tuh pun.first time ajak memang banyak alasan, cekadaknya.setengah gurl nak tengok sejauh mana lelaki tuh bersungguh2@ sekadar memain jerp.

teruskan usaha..


RomanticGuy said...

To Lizz,
Yup. Aminnn. hehe

To Lotikus Disarmankan

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