Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Bubur Ayam.

Just now. In front of me, a really delicious bubur ayam. 1st time I make this. A really home-made-taste. Hehehe.

Then I text her. I told her that I would like to give her this bubur. Then I say that this might be not so tasty at all but, (it’s delicious for me) I guess she will like it. Then I told her that I will come to her house. And ask is she could come out and take it by hands.

Well, she said no. She still shy with me. She really does. Not her false because we never have a conversation except by texts.

That kind of disappointing me when she said no. It makes me really-really down.

But I tell her don't worry about that. Then I sms her roommate and told her roommate to come out later and take my bubur that I tapau for her (miss C). Her roommate is my friend. She and I is in same lecturer class. So we manage to know each other since everybody know that I like Miss C.

I gave the bubur ayam that I tapau for miss C to her roommate then I walked home. Kind of "okay lah. Hope she will have some tongue with the meal."

When I reached home, my phone ringing shows that there is a call. Nope. Its a sms. From her. From miss C.

She says...

"Thank you. Sedap sangat. :)"


Lady Dyla said...

nak jugak bubur ayam tuuu

a Y u said...

i wani it..!!!!hikhikhik..

kin said...

hey there,
baru baca ur blog, and dah khatam.
btw, sume cite psl miss c, where's miss f?

RomanticGuy said...

To Lady Dyla,

To Ayu,
Show i say thanks? Hehee

To Kin,
Soon. Dont worry

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