Saturday, November 28, 2009

I really cant understand girls.

Its a good day with a very good sign. But I would like to wish, Selamat Hari Raya Korban first. Harap semua makan kenyang- kenyang.

Well, today, I ate a lot of delicious food. Satay, mee kari, mee soto, nasi tomato and so on. Its kind of a good day to kumpul lemak banyak-banyak isn't? Hehe.

At night just now, Miss F and I have a chat. Really good one. As what I know, she is good at kitchen. I love that type of girl. And I guess all guys love that type of girl. Bla-bla then a point, I told her that I like her. She just reply with " Uh, enough la." So I guess she didn't like me say so. And maybe she got no feeling on me. But she is really sporting because after that we just continue just like nothing happened. Well, that is what I like about her. No time to feel awkward.

And then about my lovely Miss C. No doubt that I love Miss C more than Miss F. Just, it's Miss F not really bad and I can't aim a beautiful girl like Miss C to be my special someone. And sometime, I think that Miss F is a perfect match to me. But.. I don't know..

About Miss C, today she is more friendly. Easier to get into with her. As usual, we had a chat. And some conversation through Facebook comments. Well, normally she didn't comment on my status or link or what ever on my profile.

But yesterday, she told me that she might be gt chance to return to her ex. And I feel really sad.... I hope she just joking around...


si pOlan said...

ingt senang nk jd pompuan ney.ouh~ (:

miss labi said...

i assume that she is very much into her ex..that's why dia x layan kau sangat..there are boys or girls who easily forgets but there are also yang sampai mati pun dia xleh lupa kekasih lama dan masih berharap..aku rasa maybe Miss C masuk kategori yg susah lupa tu :)

mcm ni la, sebenarnya kau yang kena tetapkan dulu sape yang kau nak..memang jodoh kat tangan tuhan tapi kau sendiri yang kena usaha..kalau kau sendiri pun x tau nak pilih sape, how god can help u? god knows u well, He must not let u hurt their feelings..nanti kang kalau Dia permudahkan kau ngorat Miss C, and at the same time Miss F pun dah terima kau, mcm mane? bukan ke later on kau akan sakitkan hati one of them yang x terpilih tu..hope u get my points..

maaf, komen aku panjang =P

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