Monday, November 16, 2009

I told her that I love her.

I told her that I like her.

And she said nothing. She just lari dari tajuk and starts to talk about something else. Yeah... common girls do so. I heard lots of this. Soooo many girls try to talk about something else every time the guy wanna talk bout heart-to-heart. Suppose to be she is kind of shy-shy cat.

She kind of ignore me for 2 days. But thats all. Just 2 days.

But Im glad that she dint ignore my sms more after that. She just reply me anytime I text her. I dont know what is she looking for from me. Or, maybe I she just looking for friends?

My sifu ask me to try harder. He told me that he gonna give some tips about how to tackle a girl.

"Good luck to myself."

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