Saturday, November 21, 2009

Old Trick

A friend of mine told me " If you want to check out either she likes you or not, just do this trick; text her for a week ( everyday) then stop for the next week. If she really likes you, she will miss your texts and starts to sms you. If she didn’t likes you. Sorry to say."

The result is, Miss C didn't sms me at all.

Then I started to text her. I told her that I really miss her. And then she just laughs with that. Not even say that “I miss you too”.

What the hell is that suppose to mean?

She gives me sooooooooo many hints that she likes me too. But.. I don’t know.


miss labi said...

standard la tu..hahahaha..
girls ni biasanya nak jaga hati dia sendiri..afraid of maybe u just pretending like her, dia terpaksa stay back and buat2 x suka...
wait until u do something yg dia percaya u really2 like her, sikit pun x tipu, then dia akan bukakan hatinya..cewah...
ini dr pengalaman sendiri ye =P

intannuratiqahmohamadyunus said...

agree2 miss labi!
trust me,she likes u!
she's just afraid that she'll be hurt..
and Miss C has a very high ego too!
She likes me..
nak sesuatu yg baik,kene usaha sikit.
u dont get valuable thing for free.

RomanticGuy said...

To Miss Labi,
Haha. Thanks. Harap apa yang kau cakap tu betul.

To Intan,
You too. Hehe

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