Saturday, December 12, 2009

Either for me or someone else

Today, I text Miss C. Its kind of weird when the way she wrote is way too different than usual.

She is the girl that wont ever put '?' when asking and fullstops (.) when finishing the sentence. But today she make it well.

I knw her for 3 years and this is first time she use proper tanda baca. Imagine. 3 tahun berbalas sms of course kita akan tahu cara dia menulis. Dan hari ni, tanya bacanya amat perfect. But I am sure that the one who texts me is really her.

Jadi, I think dia ubah cara dia menulis sebab dia tahu yang lelaki tak sukakan cara bersms seperti itu.

Cuma masalahnya. Lelaki itu is me or... someone else...


+black.angelz+ said...

Alamak..nak jwb tp sndri pun x tau nak jwb pe..
Takpe..lyn jew sms dia 2..hehehe

miss labi said...

oh ye ke..sad..hehe

apesal x update dah..???


Anonymous said...

oke laa tu.
it doesnt really matter whether it's u or someone else. lg senang nk bace kn?

oke2, i know that's not a gud point here (-.-")

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