Friday, December 11, 2009

Last night

Last night, I got a call from Miss F. She got a prob and I think that its so good she told me everything. She trust me.

Nvm. And btw, Im taking a jealous and relationship online counseling. I think that I really need this. I used to be so jealous on a girl that 'not official' mine. And I think, I lack of confident toward girls. I really got no point when talking.

And with that, I got a new friend. A new sifo suppose to mean. He is a great player. I wanna become a player like him. What say you? Hihihi


ha chemo said...

juz dunt!
bigger mess soon~

maryam k. said...

never be a player.

Anonymous said...

u dont wanna be a player.
u'll regret it later.
go find "real love" later on if u really want to concentrate on being a player right now.
u seems insincere towards all the girls.
(i think...)

+black.angelz+ said...

woohoo!! dun2..
it would be a biggest & dumbest mistake u ever do!! hehehe...

a Y u said...


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