Monday, January 11, 2010

I am back.. with a really bad news

Hi all,

sorry for no update just now.

As advised, now I am focusing on Miss C. If you forgot about Miss C, let me remind you.

Miss C is a nice cute girl. She is very religious, you bet and that is the main reason why I love her so much. So bad she did not know how much I love her. She used to puasa sunat, solat at mosque, joining the any muslimah-activities. And yes, she is fully tutup aurat.

But as what we know, no body is perfect. Every nice single  person, must gt at least a bad habit. You can read at He did mention about "if you cant see the bad side of a person, you really need to prepare because once you found it, you will surprise how big her bad side is." or something like that.

And just now, I found that when she is 19, she did couple with a foreign. And of course you guys can imagine what happened during they coupling.... of course you guys know what a couple ended on their date after dating....

And how i knw this? I knw from her ex's best friend........ we had a fun chat and i really shock when there is a link beween each other... everything is linked..

Im not sure if both of them slept togehter already. But believe me, everything will be revealed soon. Give me a week, maximum. I will keep the update here.

Really sad now.. really....


lynda said...

ala...sdeynyer...npe mcm gi2 kompem x bes nie....

Anonymous said...

So So So???
So whadt if she already had slept with that guy?
Duh, obviously she had already change for the better, sangat sangat berubah.
U did mention there that she covers her aurat, and join muslimah activities then did her prayers at the mosque and all puasa sunat.
Everyone did a mistake whether in their past present or future.
We are not a prophet or god or angels yang akan membuatkan kita ni terlepas daripada melakukan sebarang kesilapan. kita ni hanya manusia biasa.
yang sentiasa sangat dibisikkan di telinga godaan - godaan syaitan. setiap masa setiap hari.

sepatutnya kan if u really really really love her, u should tanam azam untuk bawa dia ke jalan yang lebih baik. bimbing miss c. she needs her guidance :)

sesungguhnya setiap perempuan yg baik itu adalah utk lelaki yg baik. dan cinta yang betul2 suci dan ikhlas tak mengenal apa - apa selain keredhaan Allah.

p/s: but then what do i know. i'm only 18. pepun, have a nice day bro. haa.

RomanticGuy said...

To lynda;
Yup. =(

To miss faten;
I cant accept her. I don't know why. My mind keep thinking about she 'playing' with her ex. Its so "eeeeeewww".

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