Monday, January 11, 2010

I am back.. with a really bad news

Hi all,

sorry for no update just now.

As advised, now I am focusing on Miss C. If you forgot about Miss C, let me remind you.

Miss C is a nice cute girl. She is very religious, you bet and that is the main reason why I love her so much. So bad she did not know how much I love her. She used to puasa sunat, solat at mosque, joining the any muslimah-activities. And yes, she is fully tutup aurat.

But as what we know, no body is perfect. Every nice single  person, must gt at least a bad habit. You can read at He did mention about "if you cant see the bad side of a person, you really need to prepare because once you found it, you will surprise how big her bad side is." or something like that.

And just now, I found that when she is 19, she did couple with a foreign. And of course you guys can imagine what happened during they coupling.... of course you guys know what a couple ended on their date after dating....

And how i knw this? I knw from her ex's best friend........ we had a fun chat and i really shock when there is a link beween each other... everything is linked..

Im not sure if both of them slept togehter already. But believe me, everything will be revealed soon. Give me a week, maximum. I will keep the update here.

Really sad now.. really....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Either for me or someone else

Today, I text Miss C. Its kind of weird when the way she wrote is way too different than usual.

She is the girl that wont ever put '?' when asking and fullstops (.) when finishing the sentence. But today she make it well.

I knw her for 3 years and this is first time she use proper tanda baca. Imagine. 3 tahun berbalas sms of course kita akan tahu cara dia menulis. Dan hari ni, tanya bacanya amat perfect. But I am sure that the one who texts me is really her.

Jadi, I think dia ubah cara dia menulis sebab dia tahu yang lelaki tak sukakan cara bersms seperti itu.

Cuma masalahnya. Lelaki itu is me or... someone else...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Last night

Last night, I got a call from Miss F. She got a prob and I think that its so good she told me everything. She trust me.

Nvm. And btw, Im taking a jealous and relationship online counseling. I think that I really need this. I used to be so jealous on a girl that 'not official' mine. And I think, I lack of confident toward girls. I really got no point when talking.

And with that, I got a new friend. A new sifo suppose to mean. He is a great player. I wanna become a player like him. What say you? Hihihi

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I have decided.

Ya. I have decided which girl I should focus on.

That lucky girl will be........................................................................................................


I said girlsss isnt?

I choose Miss A, Miss F and Miss C. And I got 1 more space.

I dont know........