Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Im not a player. But she is.

Its 5.00pm.


What a sleepy day.

And I got something to tell you all. Something that really... sick...

I heard that my Miss C just have a new crush. Well, I'm okay with that. But the sakit hati part is Miss C agreed to have a date with him with the excuse of "Kami nak berkenalan. Tak salah kan? Hehe"

Okay it starts with a Skype conversation.

Me : Hello, busy?
Miss C : Hi. Not at all. Why?
Me : Nothing. Just wondering what you are doing right now.
Miss C : :P Actually, I'm just home.
Me : From?
Miss C : From a date. Hehe.

Okay that kind shock me. And I reallyyyyy downnn...

She went out for a date; 10am - 4.30pm. Yup day time because she got program this night. Family program or something like that.

And I'm kind of really sad and disappointed with her. I don't know if she is just joking with me. But I asked her so many time if she just joking at all. And I got "no".

This girl.. I don't know. Some of my girl-friends told me that Miss C is a shy girl. But also kind of naughty with boys. So, is she kind of playgirl? Have a date with anyone that kind of rich? Got cars or what ever?

Ada kemungkinan?


abnormalkah ? said...

kalo ko tekad nak kat miss c tu blh je .

miss labi said...

what i am about to say may hurt u but i say it because i really hope that u can find the right person someday.

man, what goes around comes around. hehe..

ok, i joke.. no offense..=P

put urself in her position. she may be in the same situation as u, in the stage of choosing the perfect man for her..she's not cheating on anybody, so i cant really call her a playgirl..same goes to the boys la..only when he is cheating with some other girls then he is a playboy..

so, all i can say is the best man wins..if u really like her, u should stand out more than the man that she went out with. it is actually depends on ur efforts, man..

good luck :)

si pOlan said...

hahah..chill bro!not the end of the world yet.esok masih ada.hihi (:

Judiene said...

i kinda agree with Miss Laby especially the last paragraph of her comment
if you stand out more than any other guy she's seeing now and when she sees the effort you put to get close to her, maybe she'll turn her head to you
who knows


+black.angelz+ said...

Whatever it is..always trust ur heart..it neva lie 2 u..

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