Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Missing Her

I woke up kind of late as usual today. I take a look on my my brand new headphone. Got 1 sms and 2 misscalls.

Omg, I missed her calls? Nope. Not her. Its someone else. My friends. The guy. I guess that he wanted to ask me about his projects; either I can be his partner or not. Yes? No? I don't know.

After solat subuh, I'm out for breakfast. Having a nasi goreng + ayam goreng + telur. Kindda cholesterol-ly. Eat, eat, eat and eat. Then, my mind goes on her. Well, that normally trip I got. Always mind-trips about her lately.

I text her.

"Hi. Dah breakfast?"

Dia reply dan cakap "dah".

Simple je. Mungkin dia malas untuk reply panjang-panjang. Atau dia memang tak berminat.

Then I ask her again, "Nasi lemak?"
Sent. Then I wait for 10 minutes.

Noting from her.

Nevermind. Maybe she is kind of busy. Or... I don't know. So got lots of admires. She got large scope of boys. Maybe I'm just nothing to her.

After a couple of hour later, I got an sms from her. She said sorry for take a really awhile to reply my sms.

At the end, I find out that she is not well. Agak demam. So she just lie back in her bedroom. Tidur-tidur ayam or something like that. Also, she told me that even nasi lemak she dint make it to finish. So kind of missing her mother's bubur ayam.

And hey, I'm not so bad in the kitchen.

Then I cepat-cepat lari ke dapur. Unfroze all those thing in it. Ayam, sayur and something like that. Then I call my mother ask her to cook a very nice and delicious bubur ayam.

And now, I'm cooking it. Bye.


+black.angelz+ said...

Auw..romantic nyer..
So,ape dia ckp??

Judiene said...

wow, i totally blown away by your reaction
i mean you cook the bubur ayam just when she needs it
it's so awesome of you
keep it up dude!

RomanticGuy said...

To Black Angel,
Wait for the update. Hehe

To Judiene,
Thanks. :p

lynda said...

part ni yg bes ni...romantik doe...
bru je start bce blog u nie/...mcm novel la plak..

lynda said...

bes r part nie...romantik nye...
mcm novel....

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